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Independent Contractor Agreement

Please read this agreement carefully.

This agreement is between Shoppers Confidential Inc. (The Company) and you, the Independent Contractor (IC) your full name here

The Company will contact you on an assignment basis as needed. Your affiliation with Shoppers Confidential is as an Independent Contractor (IC). You are not considered an agent or an employee of The Company. You are free to provide your services to other firms.

Your responsibility will be to complete assigned projects (shops) according to specifications and instructional guidelines you will receive prior to commencing an assignment. Instructions may be received via the website, email, postal mail, fax, or by telephone.

IC understands and accepts the terms of the Client-Ready Credit. IC further agrees they have read and understood the shopper FAQ document and Privacy Policy. Any and all terms stated within the aforementioned policies and documents are covered and included in the terms of this agreement.

You (IC) agree that assigned shops will be completed within the time period indicated on the instructional material(s) that will accompany each shop assignment. Shoppers Confidential assumes no liability, and will not be held liable for payment by an IC who presents back to The Company late, inaccurate or incomplete work. Payment to IC for completed work will be within the following month of the date of completed shops. Any and all receipts required as per the shop instructions must be delivered to The Company in a timely manner for payment to be made on time. IC further agrees not to sub-contract any assignment or shop to another person or third party. The IC awarded a shop must be present to perform the shop.

IC will be reimbursed for pre-approved expenses generated by the shop as per the expense details outlined in the shop guidelines. The Company does not reimburse any extra amounts incurred by IC over specified allowance stated in the shop guidelines. IC may spend more than the specified amount, if so desired, at your (IC's) own expense, unless is is strictly forbidden in the shop instructions. Sometimes strict and specified amounts are required by a client. If this is the case, the shop assignment will state to this effect. It is imperative you thoroughly read all instructions.

IC is under no obligation to accept any assignments. If you should decide to decline an assignment, you must notify The Company by the method indicated on the shop posting. If IC accepts an assignment, and is unable to complete it, the IC must contact Shoppers Confidential immediately via email or as per shop instructions.

Based on your IC status, The Company will not deduct or withhold any taxes, or other related employee-type deductions. IC will not receive a T-4 or any other related Income Tax form from Shoppers Confidential. Any taxes owed by you (IC) must be submitted by you (IC) to the government on your (IC's) own behalf. Essentially, IC is 'running their own business.'

IC agrees to hold harmless Shoppers Confidential for any actions or activities arising from the scope of your involvement with The Company.

IC agrees to return all formats, manuals, software and hardware provided by Shoppers Confidential upon verbal or written notice by The Company. IC agrees that all information whether verbal or written is of a proprietary nature and important to Shoppers Confidential competitive position. IC agrees not to discuss formats, processes or work performed on behalf of The Company with other companies/firms conducting services of a like nature.

A completed IC agreement is required prior to assignment or payment for shopper services provided by you. IC agrees and accepts this ICA may be amended or updated periodically.

I have read this document in it's entirety, and agree to the terms and conditions stated herein.

Submit your completed form by printing and mailing to:
Shoppers Confidential
#1-772 Queen St. S
Kitchener, ON N2M 1A4 Canada

*Effective Feb. 12/07, we are no longer accepting an emailed or faxed copy of your ICA, you must now mail in your completed ICA agreement. Please also read our Privacy Policy
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