Whether it be for fine dining, a pub, bar, diner or fast food. We will customize a restaurant mystery shopping program to fit your organization's perfectly.

Restaurant mystery shopping services create a seamless way for owners and managers to discover what's really going on in their establishment.
Are staff following the correct processes? Are they taking every opportunity to WOW your customers and taking every opportunity to upsell? If they are or they aren't, mystery shopping is great tool to find out the facts.

The restaurant mystery shoppers at Shoppers Confidential have the experience and trained eyes to spot everything from poor management and bad service to inconsistent food quality and presentation to identifying incidents of possible server and bartender theft.

Shoppers Confidential offers restaurant mystery shopping services that are at the forefront of modern technology. We guarantee that you will have 24/7 access to all of our comprehensive online reports and statistics with 24 hours of our complete assessment of your business. You know that customer relations and retention are everything, and our mystery shoppers will serve as your eyes and ears when cannot.

Have you seen the show "Mystery Diners" on the Food Network? Even with an extensive security system installed like you see on the show "it's hard for you to get a real feel for the service, food, and experience that your loyal customers are having each time they enter your restaurant or bar.
And it doesn't end there. We can asses and show you how your customers see your entire company! We can start over the phone , then to the in-person visit, and even review your website online. We can do all, one or some of the assessments to show you the overall effectiveness. We will review your results and create actionable plans for improvement and help with rewarding your staff when is credit is due.

The team at Shoppers Confidential can help you continually reach the target audience you desire and help you continue to grow your dining or bar business.

Have Staff Integrity issues or Age compliance concerns for alcohol sales? Not only can our team find out how pleased your customers are, we can also find out how honest your staff are.

There's no riskier industry than restaurants and bars when it comes to following and complying with drinking statutes, and our compliance program mystery shoppers for restaurants, bars, diners, and pubs offers the solution to find out the integrity of your servers and bartenders. Our compliance program establishes the willingness of staff to check for ID when serving to those under 30. With violations of either law potentially bringing forth millions in lawsuits, how can you not afford bar or restaurant mystery shopper services to protect your investment? Take advantage of the benefit that Shoppers Confidential provides by getting you into the 'know' with our comprehensive range of services.

In addition to mystery shopping we also offer online comment cards for our clients. Having your staff promote the online comment card, not only encourages them to offer superior service, but is a great tool to measure how your customers see your establishment. Offering an incentive for the customers is key for receiving the best response rate.

So ask yourself, are your customers happy? Will they choose you over the competition? Will they promote your company by word of mouth, or promote those of your competitors?
Wouldn't you like to know?