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Best Practices for New Employee Onboarding

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Why Is Onboarding So Important?

Your team is a direct representation of your company, so it’s essential you invest the appropriate time and resources into properly onboarding new employees to ensure they align with your brand’s expectations for customer service. When employers do their due diligence to help employees buy fully into their mission, vision and values, the company benefits as a whole.

Effective Employee Onboarding Means Better Customer Experiences

Understanding of Company Culture & Values

When you call or go into a store and interact with the company’s team members, you can quickly recognize the difference between employees who are counting down the minutes to home time and those who are truly engaged with their organization’s business model. Employees, who are well-versed in the company’s values and key performance indicators, are more likely to take pride in their work because they understand which aspects of their conduct, they will be most held accountable for. Further, they feel a part of the bigger picture, so they’re more likely to go above and beyond to ensure the business is sustainable and successful.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Improved Relationship Building

Relationship building is a key component of employee onboarding. Not only do you want your employees to have mutually respectful and supportive relationships with management, but you also want to instill a sense of comradery between colleagues.

Employee incentive programs that inspire healthy “competition” between team members can be a great way to build excitement and energy within the workplace. Another way to inspire positive work relationships is by empowering employees to share their opinion about the environment and operations. Employee surveys can help employers identify gaps, challenges and opportunities – without their team members feeling as though they will be reprimanded for sharing their thoughtful opinions.

How Shoppers Confidential Can Help Build Better Employee Relations

Shoppers Confidential prides itself on supporting companies to build solid foundations of respect, cohesiveness and hard work with their employees. By leveraging a variety of employee evaluation and motivation tactics, our Mystery Shopping evaluation services will inspire your employees to feel like collaborators – rather than time punchers, so you get the best out of the talent you’ve hired.

If you want to (re)engage your team, contact Shoppers Confidential today to learn about our employee rewards, survey and training programs, so you can establish a team of individuals who are committed to your mission.

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