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What’s the Difference Between Customer Service and Customer Experience?

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The modern market is changing, and one of the big trends in business is the emphasis on understanding the difference between customer service and customer experience – and knowing how to implement both effectively. Brands that work hard to perfect the customer experience are thriving, and savvy company owners are taking hold of this trend within their own organizations to do the same. So, let’s take a look at these two concepts and discern how Shoppers Confidential can support your company to provide great service alongside exceptional experiences.

What Is Customer Service?

Customer service refers to the assistance your employees provide to customers during transactions. This may look like advice during an inquiry or support to complete a purchase. Customer service is your company’s approach to meeting the needs of the people who visit you online and in-store in ways they deem to be satisfactory.

What is Customer Experience?

On the other hand, customer experience is the journey long before and after the customer completes a transaction with your business. The experience is defined by each and every interaction your potential, and current customers have with your brand. From the first time the customer finds you through online research through to product comparisons and the follow up that may occur after they engage with your brand, your company has had the opportunity to create a positive customer experience that will stick with the people who matter to your success.

The Customer Experience and Your Brand

What differentiates customer service from experience is that the latter compiles more than just the satisfaction of a singular need; the experience incorporates the way your customer feels about your brand in general, as well as whether or not they continue to connect with you on a psychological and emotional level. While providing sufficient customer service is absolutely necessary to keep your shoppers happy, it’s their overall experience that builds loyalty, longevity and encourages them to become evangelists of your brand.

Mystery Shopping Services That Support Positive Customer Experiences

Shoppers Confidential and its team of professional mystery shopper evaluators can support you to build a better customer experience by engaging with your brand at different stages of the conversion funnel. Our mystery shopping services are not limited to transactions; rather, we can evaluate how easy it is to find your brand; how consistent the customer experience is throughout multiple processes; as well as, how your customer service model helps endear potential and long-term clients to your brand.

Don’t settle for only perfecting one-off customer service interactions. Instead, work with a company that recognizes the value of great customer experiences and collaborate with Shoppers Confidential to develop a positive corporate legacy that will last long after the customer has gone home happy with their new purchase. Contact Shoppers Confidential today and create experiences that matter more to customers your value.

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