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Reward Great Employees Using Mystery Shop Reward Programs

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Employees are the front-line of any business. They create the experience and offer satisfaction to the customer with the tools they are provided. A great employee uses these tools to create a fantastic ‘eco-system’ for other employees and the customers, and they deserved to be thanked and rewarded. Mystery Shopping services and other employee satisfaction and engagement programs are an excellent resource for ensuring that your front-line are always at their best.

How Mystery Shop Programs Reward Employees

A strategic employee rewards program is a great way to demonstrate appreciation to staff members or your front-line team. A Mystery Shopper can go into your business location and have a pre-set checklist in mind. If the employee hits every checkpoint at the end of the interaction, the Mystery Shopper would tell the employee how great they did and give them an on the spot reward. Instant gratification! How motivating for employees to know that their hard work is recognized by their employer and the customers, and that there is a potential for reward at any time.

“Customers will never love your company until your employees love it first.” – Simon Sinek

Find Out How Satisfied Your Staff Is

How satisfied are your employees? Have you asked them lately? At Shoppers Confidential, we can set up a quick survey for your staff to offer feedback and suggestions in a non-bias and non-partial way. We can create a report that is easy to understand and efficient to utilize the information provided by your team of workers. We can even create a presentation for you to offer back to your staff to share the results and the action plans (if necessary) that are set up.

Internal Reviews

Mystery Shopping can also be used as a month over month internal review and reward program. Clients who offer services in a wide range of regions and locations often incentivize the results of the mystery shop audits. Not all incentives need to cost money; a letter from the CEO in recognition of the efforts can go a long way too. Friendly score competition between locations or regions can also foster teamwork and the desire to strive for excellence to not ‘let the team down’.

Improve Company Culture

Demonstrating that you are investing in your employees and their satisfaction creates a culture of mutual respect and the desire to give back, not just to get a paycheck. Add the culture shift positive changes to the other findings including reduced turn-over, fewer absenteeism’s, increased unsolicited applications for jobs, higher customer satisfaction, stronger revenue growth, etc. and you will find that not investing in rewarding and recognizing your employees could cost you more than you think.

For more information about employee rewards programs and how Shoppers Confidential can help to improve your team and company culture, get in touch with our dedicated team today to learn more.

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