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What Matters Most to Millennials When It Comes to Customer Service?

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One of your business’ largest target markets is likely the twenty to thirty-somethings the world refers to as Millennials, so you need to know what they’re expecting in terms of your customer service model. Otherwise, fast-moving Millennials will leave your products and services on the shelf, and you’ll be missing out on a highly lucrative group of potential customers.

So, what does matter most to Millennials when they are considering making a purchase or deciding whether to remain loyal to a particular brand? Below, we explore a few of the key customer service goals you need to be achieving to keep Millennials engaged with your brand.

Fast Enough is Probably Not Fast Enough

Millennials are used to instantaneous conversions, so they don’t want to wait days – or even hours – to have questions addressed or issues resolved. As soon as a Millennial engages with your business, your staff needs to be prepared to meet their needs in a very timely fashion.

If these customers reach out to you via your website or social media, which are their preferred modes of communication, the majority of Millennials expect to hear back within the hour. Otherwise, they will likely move right along to your competitor, so you need to ensure your team recognizes the urgency of getting back to customers in ways that meet all their needs very efficiently.

Word of Mouth Matters and Millennials Are Quicker to Share the Bad Than the Good

Millennials are like their parents in the sense they want suggestions from their family, friends and extended networks regarding which products and services to try out. Millennials frequently turn to social media to see what people are saying about brands they may be interested in – or ones they haven’t even heard of but may have a need for.

This means companies who treat their Millennial customers well may benefit from their Twitter fingers and high-speed brand evangelism. But, it also means if a Millennial walks away from your store feeling undervalued or underserved, your poor performance may end up cascading across countless timelines – preventing other potential clients from even considering you as their first choice for purchase.

Millennials Value Values

People born between approximately 1980 and 2000 don’t just want to buy a product or leverage a service because it fulfils their need: they understand there are numerous options at their fingertips, so they’re also looking for companies that walk the talk. They want to invest their time and dollars into businesses who treat people, the environment and social issues with compassion, integrity and a forward-looking vision of the future.

So, during each and every reaction with this target market, make sure your online platforms and staff team are doing an exceptional job of highlighting what makes your company different. This will help secure Millennials’ brand loyalty by making them feel good about their purchases.

Exceptional customer service matters to every age.

Millennials have even higher expectations for customer service than their parents did, so it’s more important than ever you are treating every customer like it’s the first and last time they may ever interact with your brand. In this ultra-digital world there are no second chances, so make sure your customer service is first-rate by working with Shoppers Confidential. Our mystery shopping service will help you identify gaps in your customer service model, so you can tailor your approach to ensure all of your customers – including the highly sought-after Millennial – are delighted with how you treat them and willing to share their positive experiences with others.

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