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Why Businesses Can Benefit from Mystery Shopping Services

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There are many ways a business can seek outside help with improving their customer service and other elements of business. One of the best ways to learn about a business from an outside perspective is to use mystery shopping services. This type of service can give the business an objective view on your how employees interact with customers and can also work wonders to increase satisfaction based on customer service.

Evaluate Employee Performance

Every business is different and there are many reasons a business may choose to enlist the help of mystery shopping service. One of the main reasons may be to see how employees are interacting with customers on an ongoing basis. This may stem from a recent customer complaint or an internal issue. Here are a few examples of how mystery shopping can evaluate employee performance and customer satisfaction:

  • A business can use this type of service during peak business hours to see how employees are performing under pressure when dealing with crowds
  • A business may also use this type of service during slow business hours to ensure employees are using the available properly.
  • Another reason businesses use mystery shopping is for an objective viewpoint on how a customer sees the business. This can be used to gauge the atmosphere, customer service and cleanliness or functionality of the location.

Evaluate Customer Satisfaction and Operations

Mystery shopping services will not only identify flags with internal team members or staff, but they will also help to identify operational issues and customer satisfaction opportunities. There may be inconveniences in the shopping setting that your customers may find cumbersome, that can only be seen by objective customers. Mystery shopping services can help to identify those issues. They can also help to identify small details that may easily be changed in order to improve the customer experience – leading to happier customers and visitors in the long run.

How Does Mystery Shopping Work?

Mystery shopping uses a customer service evaluator or agent that visits the business and interacts with employees as any customer would. Evaluator Agents are discrete and have experience in working with different types of businesses and settings to ensure they get all of the important information needed. This element of discretion means that shopping agents are able to get answers to all the questions so the client can address any issues.

The client has the option of seeking information on specific problem areas or just having a general visit of the business to find out how things are going on a day to day basis. Programs are customized to the unique needs of the client. All data we collect goes through our quality assurance team to ensure its 100% complete and accurate before going to our client.

Benefits of Mystery Shopping Services

Working with an experienced secret shopping company or mystery shopping company can help a business see what things are being done the right way. It also helps with finding areas that need improvement. Experienced agents appear to be regular customers, so they can gain inside knowledge on how actual customers perceive different aspects of service. This means that the business doesn’t have to worry about the bias that can often come with other methods of assessment like online reviews or surveys or In-house mystery shopping programs. After the data is collected, our in-house quality assurance experts are dedicated to analyzing the results of each shop to help the client get results quickly, so any needed changes can be implemented. This service can also be used as a way to get insight on employees who are going above and beyond their duties so that an employer can use employee rewards programs if desired.

Mystery shopping works well for many different industries. Any type of business that deals with the public can gain invaluable insights from the data we collect. We don’t just do data collection, we provide actionable plans based on the results.

For more information about how Shoppers Confidential can help you make improvements to your business, contact our team of professionals today.

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