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Why Canadian Cannabis Stores Need Mystery Shopping & Compliance Services

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Canadian cannabis stores who want to keep their doors open, greatly benefit from the unbiased support of mystery shopping and compliance services. The changes to Canada’s cannabis landscape have been fast and furious, and that means, the margin for error is growing when it comes to Canadian cannabis stores and companies’ abilities to remain compliant.

For businesses who deal with or are affected by changing Canadian cannabis legislation, it’s essential to stay in the know regarding which rules and regulations you need to pay attention to – and more importantly, how closely your team members are following these legal prescriptions.

Why Compliance Is Essential for Canadian Cannabis Businesses

Canadian cannabis laws and bylaws influence how, when and where businesses handle and distribute cannabis products. They’re in place, not only to protect the health and wellness of customers, but also to promote the ethical operations and sustainability of cannabis companies.

  • Are Employees Complying to Cannabis Regulations?

Mystery shoppers can help you monitor how diligently your employees are adhering to the laws required to sell cannabis responsibly in Canada.

  • Are There Gaps in Your Cannabis Service Model?

By working with you to develop a plan that aligns with the mission, vision and values of your company, your mystery shopping team can help you better understand if there are any gaps in your current service model – and provide the information you may need to fix them.

How A Mystery Shopping Program Can Help Support Canadian Cannabis Businesses

From ensuring your employee’s handling practices are appropriate through to their consistent enforcement of age verification best practices, the right mystery shoppers are going to be in tune with the compliance issues that may negatively affect your business.

They will act just like a regular customer would, so they will be able to provide objective information about what the client experience is like at your cannabis company. This, in turn, empowers you to more effectively cater to the needs of the people you’re intending to serve.

Enlist the Help of a Reputable Mystery Shopping Team

If you’re still unsure about how mystery shopping and compliance services can benefit your organization, reach out to Shoppers Confidential and we can further explain how our services will help you ensure your compliancy and deliver better service for you customers.

Contact the team at Shoppers Confidential to learn about our compliance services for cannabis stores and businesses and our aim to move the industry forward through responsible and respectful business practices.



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