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Hurdles. Overcome them with Mystery Shopping from Shoppers Confidential

Through the Competitor Intelligence Program at Shopper’s Confidential, we strive to give your company a competitive edge over neighbouring businesses. We provide mystery shopping services and audits to help you evaluate your storefront experience with powerful feedback from real customers. These services can increase your bottom line, improve your customer satisfaction, and help you beat the competition. We’re also excited to offer you website evaluations to ensure exceptional online shopping encounters and employee rewards programs to encourage diligence among employees.

How the Competitor Intelligence Program Works

These days, it can be tough to gain an advantage over the competition, so our competitor intelligence services focus on creating a store environment that draws in and engages customers. We send a carefully selected mystery shopper into your competitor’s store(s) with the objective of interacting with their personnel. We can assign tasks to survey different components of the shopping experience, you will then receive valuable feedback on the event through a customer’s eyes. The Competitor Intelligence Program will present you with clear data and detailed reports that you can use to develop a marketing strategy or create a company culture that will entice customers to chose you over your competitors.

Why You Need to Take Advantage of This Service

The information that you receive from Competitor Intelligence will enable you to take action in your own business. When you know what your customers are currently experiencing during a trip to your competition’s online or physical storefront, you can compete with their tactics more effectively. You can use our data, reports, and recommendations as a springboard for growth. Competitor intelligence allows you to craft a unique atmosphere and build a strong following around your brand. Furthermore, branding encourages customer loyalty, shopper and employee satisfaction, as well as repeat sales. With so many choices available to consumers today, our Competitor Intelligence Program will provide you with the tools to create a shopping experience that will stand out in customers’ minds.

Choose Shoppers Confidential Today

Shopper’s Confidential has reliable and trustworthy methods to discover what your customers want in their shopping experience. We empower you and your company with evaluations from actual shoppers, and we provide you with the tools to create the storefront experience that you’re striving for. Our reports are clear, concise and visually appealing, and we provide you with a blueprint to increase sales and improve your stores. We can also help to develop an incentive program that motivates your employees and fits your company culture. We have a track record of reliable services and proven results that can propel your business to the next level.

To find out how Shoppers Confidential can help you improve your customer’s shopping experience, contact our team of professionals at 1-866-959-0516.

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