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Restaurants, shops, bars, and convenience stores have many provincial regulations. In addition to standard food licenses and cleanliness requirements, you also need to verify your customers are legally able to purchase certain items. These regulations can affect your business financially as well as legally, so it’s important to stay on top of them. Ideal for businesses that sell and serve liquor and tobacco products, Shopper’s Confidential Decoy Agent Shops help to ensure that staff are following proper government requirements at all times.

How Regulations Affect Your Business

While they may be good for profit, age-restricted items such as alcohol and tobacco come with severe penalties if sold to minors. These penalties can include costly fees as well as possible business closure, as well as criminal penalties. Therefore, it’s a good idea to spend the time and effort to be aware of specifics to the regulations.

How Shoppers Confidential Identifies Compliance Gaps

This type of restaurant mystery shopping service is quite different than other shopping services. The process involves an agent and a decoy, typically a parent and a minor. They are both sent to your business at the same time and the minor would order alcohol.

In these situations, servers are more likely to sell them alcohol without asking for identification due to the presence of a parent. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for this situation to take place – if a younger looking customer orders alcohol alongside a parent, the assumption is that that customer is of age.

This assumption can cause problems for businesses if underaged customers are served alcohol or other age-restricted products.

Why You Need Decoy Agent Shops

If you’re in the business of selling tabacco, alcohol, or other types of products with age restrictions, you understand the importance of following the laws with each and every transaction. If you’ve had issues with employees selling to underage customers, or you just want a quick check-up on certain employees, you can use this type of secret shopping to ensure they’re following the laws. This helps to prevent your business having any legal issues in the future.

With years of experience in mystery shopping services, Shoppers Confidential knows what it takes to keep your customer satisfied and your business running smoothly. You can trust that the services will be performed enthusiastically and efficiently. Contact Shoppers Confidential today for more information about how your business can stay in compliance with your province’s laws and regulations.