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Fraud, scams, and why we NEVER mail checks

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Reports of Fraud and Scams:

Fraud reports using our company name (or similar), is deeply troubling.  This impacts many people, potential shoppers, clients, our name, and our reputation.  We do not tolerate reports of fraud or scams in our name and are doing everything we can put a stop to it.

How we Pay:

  1. Details about our compensation plan are available at sign-up and with each shop posting
  2. Surveys and shops that have been submitted, reviewed, and accepted, are compensated
  3. Compensation through PayPal is at the end of the following month
  4. To confirm, we NEVER mail checks out, and we NEVER ask people to wire us money
  5. We NEVER ask you to give us money
  6. It does not cost ANYTHING to sign up

‘Jobs’ or Employment:

SC does NOT hire shoppers for a ‘set’ amount of money per week.  We DO NOT offer ‘jobs’ or ’employment’ to shoppers.  Shop opportunities are on a contract basis ONLY.  These postings, or opportunities, are open for you to apply for on our official website after you log in.

The team here at Shoppers Confidential is AMAZING!  We hope to feature a bio about everyone on the website in the near future so you can get to know us better.  We promise to be more connected on social media and have a personal presence.

If you suspect fraud:

Contact your local police!

Save any contact that you have with the suspect people or ‘companies’ for investigations.