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Cannabis Compliance for Canadian Retailers and Producers

Mystery Shopping Program for Canadian Cannabis Compliance

Rest assured that your business is following the best practices and Canadian standards for selling Cannabis and related products.

Last October, the Canadian Government made a historical change allowing cannabis to be bought and sold within Canada. Each province and territory have their own rules and regulations regarding the promotion and sale of this controlled product and have compliance audits that can cause a loss of licence, fines, and even jail time.

Ensure That Your Business is Following Canadian Compliance Laws & Regulations

Each province and municipality will establish their own unique set of regulations and bylaws. It is vital for businesses selling cannabis to remain compliant with local regulations and continue to monitor and enforce business practices to responsibly sell cannabis products in Canada.

Why not be in control of the ‘holes’ in your system and fill the gaps before they become a nightmare? By creating a Mystery Shop program with Shoppers Confidential, we can identify compliance and responsibility issues and provide Canadian cannabis retailers and growers with a detailed report and a real-time action request to correct problems as they are found.

Cannabis Sales Compliance Program

By creating a cannabis compliance program that highlights targeted areas of compliance, brand representation, customer service and integrity we can capture all the information you need to report on your business in one platform.

It is an easy to use platform that allows you to view results remotely from any location through mobile and desktop applications.

A cannabis compliance program will allow you to monitor business operations to protect yourself, your staff as well as customers from potential legal issues and ramifications.

Monitor Cannabis Sales and Service Standards

A cannabis compliance program from Shoppers Confidential can help to monitor all retail sales aspects such as store cleanliness, product knowledge and proper distribution and selling of cannabis products. This program can help to ensure that staff members are maintaining local sales standards and are compliant of your region’s sales and production standards.

Age Verification and Screening

In order to prevent the sale of cannabis to minors, which could be threatening to business operations, trust a cannabis compliance mystery shop program and rest assured that all staff members are effectively screening customers and verifying the age of purchasing customers.

Monitoring Production Settings

For Canadian cannabis growers and production facilities, it is essential that business operations and production standards are in line with Canadian and provincial regulations. As these guidelines are developed, implemented or even revised, your product needs to meet the set criteria. Let Shoppers Confidential help to ensure that your product and operational structure meets legal requirements.

Trust that your retail store or production facility is following local guidelines for cannabis compliance as these guidelines are being implemented. For more information about our Canadian cannabis compliance, contact the team at Shoppers Confidential to learn more.

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