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Mystery Shopping for Courier Services - Row of Mailboxes

Mystery Shopping Programs for Courier Services

From General, Domestic and Specialized to Residential and Commercial Courier Services we will assist you with creating a customized program optimized to give you the information you need.

We are your #1 resource for mystery shopping and your customer surveying needs. Please contact us today to see what sets us a part from the rest!

We use state of the art software for all your report generating needs. All of your reports are available to you within 24hours of the mystery shop being completed and this information is available to you 24/7.


Our trained and certified mystery shoppers act as your eyes and ears. They’ll visit your establishment under the guise of a typical customer, and report back their experience.

Do you really know what’s happening on the front line of your company, especially when you’re not available? Just one employee’s poor performance could waste the millions of dollars you spend getting and keeping your customers. (Quoted by Baron Hilton of Hilton Hotels)

Our Mystery Shopping Programs will give you a detailed, objective, and accurate view of your business from your customers perspective.


Want the scoop on the competition?

Mystery Shoppers will shop your competition and provide you with the “competitive edge!” Compare your sales and service strategies and stay one-step ahead.


Does your business offer customers the old paper method to express their thoughts to you?

Why not give your customers choice and the convenience of providing their comments online? You may then generate statistical reports from the information collected, and save you and your employees time having to manually enter and analyze the data.


Often the only chance you have to make a grade-A first impression is via the telephone.

Are your employees treating inbound calls as an opportunity, not as an interruption or nuisance? Our certified mystery shoppers evaluate the greeting, telephone manner, helpfulness, courtesy, and sales skills. Telephone evaluations are of immeasurable value to Call Centers and Retailers. Calls may also be recorded upon request.


Reward those employees who exhibit exceptional customer service!

This program entails Customer Sales and Service visits to your establishment. Once the mystery shopper has completed and gathered all of the information they need to know, the employee is approached and awarded. Rewards are limited only by your imagination…gift cards, movie passes, a pin or congratulatory certificate are some popular ideas.

Employee Rewards compliments your employee of the month program.


Our certified shoppers visit your website and evaluate every element including selling tactics, checking out (purchase), returns, ease of use, and appeal to target audience/market.


Have peace of mind knowing that your front-line workers are maintaining the integrity of the business by implementing our Voice of the Customer program. Our program will provide insights from actual clients and their experience with courier services and mail delivery.