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mystery shopping for museums and galleries

Mystery Shopping for Museums and Galleries

Mystery shopping can be the ideal way for businesses to gain insight on how things are going from an outside perspective. At Shoppers Confidential, we provide mystery shopping services for museums and galleries to ensure that your visitor’s experience is a positive one. Our unique services can provide you with the insights you need to improve your business and ensure long-term growth and improvement.

Mystery shoppers can look for customer service issues, cleanliness, helpfulness of staff, accessibility concerns, and much more. Shoppers Confidential can help to ensure that your gallery or museum is maintaining the customer standards you have established.

What Can Mystery Shopping Do for Your Gallery?

Mystery shopping services are ideal for nearly any type of business that deals directly with the public. Shoppers Confidential unique service offerings can provide you with a number of valuable insights about your business, staff and customers so you can continue to offer outstanding customer service. Information such as:

  • How your bottom line is performing and possible revenue leakages that you may have overlooked.
  • You can use the service to discretely ensure staff are interacting with visitors and stakeholders in a positive manner.
  • Are employees available for questions from patrons and are they kind and courteous when dealing with even the most difficult of visitors?
  • This type of service can also help you with training new employees as the secret shopper can interact with new hires to see if they are following your procedures of the gallery.

Gain Customer Insights and Improve Your Visitor Experience

When you have an art gallery or museum, you may have limited sources for unbiased information on your customer service and other business concerns. Shoppers Confidential services can help to provide you with a wealth of information on how the space is being viewed by patrons. Our team is experienced in working with a number of industries and can tailor the mystery shopping services to help identify your customers experience as well as overall operation gaps.

A Tailored Approach to Customer Satisfaction

Choose a mystery shopper who has the experience and knowledge of museums and galleries so that they know what to look for. At Shoppers Confidential, we will gladly create a customized plan and recommend the right services for your unique concerns. Whether it be identifying ways to improve business operations and your bottom line, or gaining customer satisfaction insights – our unique services will help you identify ways to make positive changes in your business and ensure positive customer experience.

Mystery Shopping & Customer Satisfaction Services Offered

At Shoppers Confidential, we provide our clients with many unique customer service and customer satisfaction programs so that you can rest-assured your gallery visitors

Customer Sales and Service Audits

Our trained and certified mystery shoppers act as your eyes and ears. They’ll visit your establishment under the guise of a typical customer, and report back their experience.

Do you really know what’s happening on the front line of your company, especially when you’re not available? Just one employee’s poor performance could waste the millions of dollars you spend getting and keeping your customers. (Quoted by Baron Hilton of Hilton Hotels).

Your Mystery Shopping reports will give you a detailed, objective, and accurate view of your business from your customers perspective.

Competitor Intelligence Program

Shoppers Confidential can help to shop your competition and provide you with the competitive opportunities that you can implement in your own facilities. Compare your service strategies and stay one-step ahead.


If your museum or gallery sells alcohol or tobacco, you should ensure that your staff are properly following protocols and procedures. Ensure all government compliant Identification procedures are being followed accordingly. A member of the Shoppers Confidential team (of legal age) will make a purchase, verifying that proper procedures and followed.


Our Integrity Program will help identify employee shrinkage or integrity issues that may lie within the company. We will work with you to develop a unique solution.

Online Comment Cards

Gain insights from your gallery visitors using our online comment cards. We can generate reports from the data we collect and save you the time of manual entry

Decoy Agent

The Decoy Agent Shops are a great program for facilities that distribute alcohol or tobacco. This program takes the Compliance Program one step further. *Agents and **Decoys visit your establishment together. A Customer Sales and Service audit is performed. The agent takes the lead by requesting an alcohol beverage or tobacco product, followed by the Decoy. This helps to identify if staff are serving minors simply because they are accompanied by an adult.

*Agent = mystery shopper who has reached the age of majority in your province. **Decoy = minor who is approaching the age of majority.

Telephone (Customer Care) Evaluations

Make a great first impression over the phone with our Telephone Evaluations. Our professional mystery shoppers will evaluate the call and staff that handled the call. Telephone evaluations are of immeasurable value to Call Centers and Retailers. Calls may also be recorded upon request.

Employee Rewards Program

The Employee Rewards Program allows Shoppers Confidential to visit your establishment to gather information regarding the staff. Once completed, the mystery shopper can reward staff members on-site or at a later date,

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Find out how happy your employees are with our Employee Satisfaction Surveys. Learn about morale and improve sales with our customized surveys. Improve your employee/ employer relationship and keep your staff happy.

Website Evaluations

Shoppers Confidential will visit your online website and perform purchases, returns and more to provide you with the insights you need to improve your online presence.

To learn more about Shoppers Confidential mystery shopping services that are unique and tailored to museums and galleries, contact our us today. We can create a personalized program to ensure customer and visitor satisfaction.