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mystery shopping services for real estate and leasing industries

Mystery Shopping Services Real Estate & Leasing

Running a real estate and leasing business takes hard work from you and other agents involved in the industry. Shoppers Confidential provides mystery shopping services for the real estate and leasing industry. This important service will give you the perspective of your buyers or future tenants.

We offer a variety of programs which are designed to show just how your business is performing in several areas. No operation operates in a vacuum, and each process affects the rest. These operations include:

  • Sales
  • Service
  • Compliance
  • Competition

Customer Sales & Service Audits

While you may expect your real estate and leasing agents are giving the best possible service at all times, how can you know? Most importantly, how much damage can be caused? It is estimated that only one out of every ten dissatisfied customers will make a complaint. The other nine will simply tell others about their bad experience. Therefore, it’s in your company’s best interest to prevent those customers from being dissatisfied.

Our mystery shoppers will perform the services by contacting your office while acting as a customer. They listen to what your agents say, experience their sales and service skills, and provide a report with this information. After services are performed and you see the results, you’ll know where your agents excel and where they need improvement.

Competition Intelligence

If you want to stay on top of your competition and earn more money by having the upper hand, it’s time to check them out. We’ll send a team of qualified mystery shoppers to your competitors and provide a report about their experiences. This allows you to view your sales tactics alongside theirs, keeping you ahead of the game.


Real estate and leasing agents must stay up-to-date on a variety of laws and regulations related to the industry. By using our mystery shopping services for real estate, you can make sure your agents are following any applicable laws and all actions are documented properly. When your staff is in full compliance with real estate laws and regulations, you won’t have to fear an audit or court date.


Along the same lines as compliance, it’s important to ensure your agents and other company employees are maintaining professional integrity. Potential integrity issues to watch for include kickbacks, theft, or underhanded activity.

Our team will work with your leadership to identify any integrity issues, followed by coming up with a solution to control them. By making sure your agents aren’t using deceptive business practices, accepting illegal bribes, or stealing company property, you can keep your earnings where they belong. Integrity testing also helps protect you and your establishment from any fallout that can result from agents’ criminal activity.

Telephone Surveys

On many occasions, a telephone call to your company is the only chance you’ll have to make an amazing impression with a potential customer. When someone calls, are they being treated with professionalism? Are they being seen as a prospect and opportunity, or are they treated as a hassle?

Mystery shoppers are ready to help test your phone agents’ skills in customer service and sales. We’ll record and report on the full process, from greeting to close. These valuable reports will help your agents fill in the gap if there are any issues.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Your employees are the heart and soul of your business, and it’s important to know how they truly feel. Happy employees are the key to happy customers, so why not find out what you can do to make them happier? They may just have a solid suggestion which can increase sales, grow morale within the company, and keep customers coming back.

You’ll find that we have strong experience providing services which can help improve your customers’ experiences. We’re one of the largest companies in the mystery shopping industry, so call today and see how we can help you strengthen your real estate and leasing sales and service.