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Mystery Shopping Programs for Restaurants

Mystery Shopping Programs for Restaurants

Having a successful restaurant is based on the customer’s experience, satisfaction, and loyalty. Reviews are crucial ; if your customer is not happy they won’t return. They may also spread the news to their friends, family and online to everyone else.

We can tailor a mystery shopping program specifically to your needs. In addition to mystery shopping, we offer customer service satisfaction surveys, which can be administered through a standalone table kiosk, tablet or via a QR Code or Survey link. The results are available in real-time and can be delivered to your smartphone or tablet.

Mystery shopping services and customer satisfaction surveys are an easy and seamless way for restaurant owners and managers to discover what’s really going on in their establishment. Are your staff following the correct processes? Are they taking every opportunity to “wow” your customers and upsell products? If this is not being offered, we will find out and create an actionable plan for employee training.

Why choose Shoppers Confidential as your restaurant mystery shopper?

Shoppers Confidential is a BBB-accredited and MSPA (Mystery Shopping Providers Association) member, which means that we’re a tried, tested and true mystery shopping company with a lot of experience in the industry. Our qualified and experienced mystery shoppers spot everything from poor management, bad service, and inconsistent food quality to incidents of possible server and bartender theft. We’ll be able to assess and show you how your customers see your entire restaurant each time they enter your establishment.

Our restaurant mystery shopper services are at the forefront of today’s technology. You will have 24/7 access to all of our comprehensive online reports and statistics within 48 hours of our complete assessment of your restaurant. For customer satisfaction surveys, we deliver the data in real time. We know that customer relationships and retention are what matters most in this business, so let our mystery shoppers serve as your eyes and ears. We have a team of reviewers to assess your results and create action plans for improvement. We can also help with rewarding your staff when credit is due.

Is your staff following compliance rules?

Are you concerned about staff integrity issues and wonder how pleased your customers are with their service? There’s no riskier industry than the service industry when it comes to following compliance rules for alcohol sales, so let our mystery shoppers find out if your staff is complying with the regulations in your municipality. Our compliance program mystery shoppers have numerous tactics that are specifically designed for restaurants, bars, diners and pubs that will evaluate your staff and give you solutions to the problems. The Shoppers Confidential compliance program will establish the willingness of staff to check for ID for customers under the age of 30 and can even use Agent-Decoy mystery shops. With violations of the law that can result in million-dollar lawsuits, how can you afford not to use a mystery shopper to protect your business?

Customer satisfaction surveys and comment cards

In addition to restaurant mystery shoppers, we also offer easy online comment cards to our clients. Having your staff promote the online comment card not only encourages your staff to offer superior service, but it’s a great tool to see how customers view your establishment. We find that offering an incentive to customers is key to receiving the best response rate.

Shoppers Confidential uses customer satisfaction surveys that come in the form of an actual survey or a QR code that links directly to your website. It could also be a survey link that is emailed out to your customers or even a standalone kiosk in your location. The possibilities are endless and the choice is yours!

So ask yourself, are your customers happy? Will they choose you over the competition? Will they promote your company by word-of-mouth, give you a great review or will they promote your competitors?



Our certified mystery shoppers act as your eyes and ears. They’ll visit your establishment under the guise of a typical customer, and report back their experience.

Do you really know what’s happening on the front line of your company, especially when you’re not available? Just one employee’s poor performance could waste the millions of dollars you spend getting and keeping your customers. (Quoted by Baron Hilton of Hilton Hotels).

Your Mystery Shopping reports will give you a detailed, objective, and accurate view of your business from your customers perspective.


Want the scoop on the competition?

Mystery Shoppers will shop your competition and provide you with the “competitive edge!” Compare your sales and service strategies and stay one-step ahead.


Do you sell alcohol or tobacco products?

Protect yourself, your employees, and your business. Ensure all government compliant Identification procedures are being followed appropriately, and as required. A mystery shopper (of legal age) but still under 21 (or 25) makes a purchase, and reports whether the proper identification was requested.

Our Compliance Program provides invaluable peace of mind!


Do you have concerns about shrinkage or employee integrity issues that you’re not sure how to address?

We’ll work with you to develop a program to help identify and control the issue, and assist with incorporating a solution.


Does your business offer customers the old paper method to express their thoughts to you?

Why not give your customers choice and the convenience of providing their comments online? You may then generate statistical reports from the information collected, and save you and your employees time having to manually enter and analyze the data.


An excellent choice for restaurants, bars, convenience, beer and liquor stores.

This program takes the Compliance Program one step further. *Agents and **Decoys visit your establishment together. A Customer Sales and Service audit is performed. The agent takes the lead by requesting an alcohol beverage or tobacco product, followed by the Decoy.

Are your staff serving minors simply because they are accompanied by someone of the age of majority?

*Agent = mystery shopper who has reached the age of majority in your province. **Decoy = minor who is approaching the age of majority.


Often the only chance you have to make a grade-A first impression is via the telephone.

Are your employees treating inbound calls as an opportunity, not as an interruption or nuisance? Our certified mystery shoppers evaluate the greeting, telephone manner, helpfulness, courtesy, and sales skills. Telephone evaluations are of immeasurable value to Call Centers and Retailers. Calls may also be recorded upon request.


This program entails Customer Sales and Service visits to your establishment. Once the mystery shopper has completed and gathered all of the information they need to know, the employee can either be rewarded on the spot by the mystery shopper, or rewarded at a later date.

Rewards are limited only by your imagination. We can help pick the perfect reward for you.


Learn vicariously through your employees’ experience!

Besides yourself, no one knows your company better than your employees. Are they happy? Do they have a great idea to improve morale and sales? Surveys are tailored to discover the information you need to maintain a successful employer/employee relationship. Surveys may be administered anonymously or otherwise.


Our certified shoppers visit your website and evaluate every element including selling tactics, checking out (purchase), returns, ease of use, and appeal to target audience/market.


The Voice of the Customer program allows restaurateurs to gain valuable insights and information from their actual customers. Through a variety of formats, we can gain data into understanding the customer experience in the restaurant, so that you can address any issues accordingly.