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Voice of the Customer – Customer Satisfaction Surveys

As a business owner, you need to know what your customers are seeing in your store. A dissatisfied customer will be quick to steer their friends and family elsewhere, negatively impacting your profits as a result. By utilizing a VOC, or Voice of the Customer program, you can find out how your customers really feel about your business.

What is Voice of the Customer? (VOC)

VoC is a program to get feedback from your customers about their preferences and their experience using your product or service. It helps determine if the experience met their expectations and their level of satisfaction as well as where they believe you can improve. A VoC program can take many formats including, email and website surveys, focus groups, and customer interviews. The surveys may also generate suggestions for new product or service ideas. The text and sentiment data will tell you where the problem is occurring and the impact of the issue. This allows you to prioritize your efforts to create the most efficient impact.

In addition, the VOC surveys are a form of customer service. When a customer sees a survey, they realize you care about them as a customer and see them as more than a number or dollar sign.

What’s the Difference between Mystery Shopping and VOC?

Mystery Shopping sends a person directly to the location in order to observe the store and employees. They typically visit and shop from each department while observing the operations. This allows the shopper to be the “eyes and ears” for your company. The shopper will report areas that need improvement as well as their overall experience. The mystery shopper will typically report their customer service experience and report on the specific employees serving them.

A VoC program will contact customers directly and survey them on their experiences and observations. This allows you to determine how your customers feel about the employees, the product or services, and what improvements they feel are necessary. The program also allows your customers to tell you what they think you’re doing right.

Why do you need a Voice of the Customer Program?

The businesses that perform the best will be the ones that listen to their customers. Numbers don’t tell the whole story, and your customers will make their decisions based on what they see and feel. Those decisions can make or break your business, so it is important to see the customer’s perspective. By understanding your customer experience better, you can respond to customer preferences and problems in the most efficient manner.

Why Choose Shoppers Confidential?

Shoppers Confidential helps you fully understand your customer and allows you to meet them where they are. We work with you and for you to help meet your customer satisfaction goals. We give you the tools necessary to make the best decisions possible, knowing that you’re giving the customers what they want and need in the process.

The Shoppers Confidential VoC Process:

  • Comprehensive Data Collection
  • In-depth Behavioural Data Analysis to provide Key Insights
  • Customized Reports and Information
  • Customer-centered Strategies for Service Improvements

We collect and analyze the data from all areas of your business. Customers impact the bottom line from the point of sale to the CEO office, and we will involve all the touchpoints to ensure the customer is heard by everyone. We help everyone in your business know what they can do to listen and respond to the customer’s voice.

Don’t allow your customers to wonder if you care about them or their experiences. Contact us today, and we’ll show you your customer’s perspective. Once you hear their voice, you can respond and interact with your customers in a way that will have them coming back again and again.

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