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Shoppers Confidential Inc. is always looking for mystery shoppers to join our North American team!

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BBB Accredited Business

  • We are a BBB accredited business with A+ ratings
  • We are a member of the MSPA (Mystery Shopping Providers Association)
  • We have several opportunities for you to choose from
  • You can get FREE meals, merchandise or services
  • Get paid to shop
  • Become an expert shopper! Learn about what to ask for and what should be included in your report
  • Reports and surveys are easy and done online for your convenience
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Don’t miss out on awesome mystery shopping job opportunities! Do your homework! Please watch this video on how to avoid mystery shopping scams.

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Shoppers Confidential’s services are unique and completely tailored to meet the client’s diverse needs. We make an impact for our clients with the help of our team.

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Mystery Shopper Job Requirements

  • Fluent in English
  • Fluent in French for French assignments
  • Flash Player
  • The ability to remember details accurately
  • Must have access to a computer with a current web browser and email
  • A smartphone
  • The ability to provide detailed reports beyond ‘yes’ & ‘no’
  • A PayPal© account (shoppers are paid via PayPal©)
  • Access to the most current version of Adobe Reader


We ensure that our shoppers are well-qualified, prepared and comfortable in their role in order to give our clients reports with actionable results.

Mystery Shopping FAQS

Mystery shopping is the practice of assessing the performance of a company via anonymous shoppers who evaluate customer service, employee product knowledge, sales ability, the speed of service, employee integrity, and facility appearance.

Girls Laughing. Mystery Shopper for the Restaurant Industry

A mystery shopper is an independent contractor who anonymously visits or contacts a company under the guise of a typical customer. Mystery shoppers complete surveys after assignments that accurately captures observations and the experience.

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Click on the ‘Shoppers’ page on our website, then click ‘Apply Now.’ Once your application has been submitted it will be reviewed within an hour.

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As a Mystery Shopper, your services are contracted on an as-needed basis. You are not an employee of Shoppers Confidential. Essentially you have your own business. As a result, no taxes are deducted from any pay you receive for completing assignments. You are required to submit any taxes owed to the government on your own behalf. You will not receive a T-4 or any other related form from Shoppers Confidential.

Man at Work. Mystery Shopping for the Construction Industry

No. We pay and/or reimburse you for completing assignments as per our instructions.

Mystery Shoppers should never have to pay any mystery shopping company.

Women with glasses thinking about Mystery Shopping

We review all applications and accept shoppers based on the information provided. This is why it’s imperative to carefully read the questions on the application before replying. All applicants must pass our Certification Program to be accepted.

Employment application for Mystery Shopping Jobs

Paypal© is an online service that allows the transferring of payments through a secure website. We pay via Paypal, and the service will notify you when the money has been sent.

For those who do not have a PayPal account, PayPal will give you the steps to open one. Creating an account is easy and free. Once a job is completed you can transfer the money directly to your bank account.

Please make sure you sign up for PayPal with the same email address as registered with Shoppers Confidential. We issue payment on the 15th day of the following month. If you complete a job on May 28th, we pay June 15th.

Shoppers Confidential uses PayPal to pay Mystery Shoppers

This depends on the assignment, and how much effort is involved in completing the shop. Typically, shoppers receive payments of $15-$20 per assignment, plus any expenses incurred are reimbursed. Other shops may ‘pay’ in reimbursements, such as free bowling, or a cruise vacation.

$20 CAD & $5 USD. Get paid to be a Mystery Shopper.

We pay our shoppers by the 15th of the following month in which shops were successfully completed. ( You performed a shop on May 10th, payment will be made June 15th.)

Mystery Shopping scheduled when you prefer

There are no costs or fees to accept an assignment. We only ask that shops are completed within the time frame specified, and all instructions provided are followed.

Man thinking about Mystery Shopping Services

No, shops are scheduled as they become available from our clients. All shops are assigned to Mystery Shoppers on a first-come basis.

Checklist. See how our Mystery Shoppers check out your services.

Emails are received notifying you of shops available in your area. It is recommended to regularly check the Shoppers area of our website to manually search for assignments.

You will be notified via email if you have been awarded the shop. Please do not proceed and complete an assignment until you have received a confirmation email.

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Not following instructions of assignments is the greatest reason for not being paid/reimbursed for a shop.

You must…
1) Complete shops within the date(s) and timeframe specified.
2) Follow through on all scenarios provided in your instructions.
3) Get the name of the employee who assisted you, or your shop will not be valid.
4) Take any measure necessary to ensure your identity as a shopper is not revealed.

All shop results must be submitted online within 12 hours of completing the shop, or you will not be paid.

Customer Service Representative called Janet. Shoppers Confidential

No. You must remain anonymous during the entire assignment. You are expected to blend in as a typical customer. Do not bring  survey questions with you while completing a shop, this will give away your identity. The only exception would be if your assignment instructions state otherwise, such as a ‘Reveal’ shop. (This is rarely the case, anonymity is our specialty.)

Sneaky Man. Mystery Shopping services from Shoppers Confidential

No! It is imperative that you remain anonymous, and not know any employees on an assignment. It is unethical to accept a shop if you know someone who works for the company. If you discover you know an employee, contact Shoppers Confidential immediately and terminate the shop.

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All assignments are due, and must be reported online within 12 hours of completing the assignment unless shop instructions state otherwise. Failure to complete your shop as instructed may result in forfeiture of payment/reimbursement.

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