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Mystery Shopping Services

What you don’t know CAN hurt you!

Mystery shopping and customer satisfaction surveys, also known as Voice of the Customer (VoC), are proven and effective techniques to uncover what your customers are experiencing.

Need Mystery Shopping or VoC?

Want to Be a Mystery Shopper?

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Mystery Shopping

Our customized mystery shopping program provides unbiased feedback to improve your overall customer experience. This results in greater sales and increased profits.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer satisfaction surveys are commonly referred to in the industry as Voice of the Customer (VoC). VoC is a multi-source insight platform that focuses on customer needs and expectations. It is crucial for the ongoing improvement of your customer service, products, and brand image.


We provide visually appealing and easy-to-use analytical tools to help you see trends through your customized dashboard.  We put your data into an easy to follow action plan to help you make confident, data-driven decisions.  What gets measured gets done!

In-Store Product Placement Audits

Verify that your retail partners have your products placed exactly as per your agreements, looking their best, and maximizing exposure and sales! You invest significantly in product placement and branding, and we can help you to ensure that you get your money’s worth.

  • Ste. Anne's | A Haldimand Hills Spa
  • PC Financial
  • Arctic Spas
  • The Drake Hotel
  • Loblaw Digital
  • Disney's Magical Express
  • Dallas Stars
  • Dallas Mavericks
  • American Airlines Center
  • Pepsi Center
  • Denver Nuggets
  • Colorado Avalanche
  • Rogers Place
  • Cadillac Fairview
  • Bosch
  • B/S/H
  • Crabby Joe's
  • Tempur-Pedic Canada
  • DKNY
  • Harley-Davidson Canada
  • Maple Leafs Sports + Entertainment
  • JUMP+


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